Paper based blogging with year 7

Yesterday, my very first lesson back for term, was awesome. This was SUCH a relief, because – as you might be aware from reading my last post – I have been a tad stressed about returning. The feedback from a lot of my lovely PLN was that I need to relax and have fun with my classes in the first week if I was to have a great term. Accidentally, my lesson yesterday embodied that wisdom. I had planned to allow my year 7s to have time writing their stories from last term, however I quickly realised that I had neglected to give them feedback on their drafts during the holiday – oops – and therefore I had to improvise a lesson.

This term my year 7 class will be blogging for their first project. I have connected our class with classes from the US, so that will give their writing an audience beyond the classroom. I decided to introduce them to the idea of blogging through paper blogging. Essentially I spent the first ten minutes generating discussion about blogs and why people write them as well as the key elements of a post and quality comments. For the latter we spent a bit of time discussing what was and wasn’t appropriate when commenting. They had great ideas and theses will become the class rules for comments. You can see them on the picture below.
I think gave students a piece of A4 paper and had them rule it up to look like a blog – it needed a blog title, a post title, a blog post of two paragraphs recounting something interesting they did in the holidays and then since for comments. When this was completed, students posted their ‘blogs’ to the WWW – the World Wide Whiteboard. They chose someone’s blog, took it to their desk and read it then commented. They did this about four times – reading the work of a range of peers and commenting using their rules.

This was such a fun activity and ALL students participated because it was non-threatening and interactive. I hope that it’s just as much fun blogging in the web, and if not maybe we’ll just go back to paper-based blogging!






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