Sharing is caring …

This is just a random listing of things I have done to share what I do in my classroom and my ideas about where I think education should head … a lot of blah, blah. I’ve linked to shared resources and presentation materials wherever possible. Mostly this is my online record cos I don’t have a CV.


Staff Development Day – Sydney Church of England School, Shore. (“Introduction to PBL”)

TMSydney World Record teachmeet. (7 minute PK on PBL, 2 minute welcome preso)

DET SWSR: Inspire Innovate Conference, Homebush (“PBL + Edmodo = Awesome”)

Appeared in SMH Article ‘Book loses humble shelf-life


ASLA conference, September – St Ignatius College, Riverview. (“Building your Professional Learning Network (PLN)”)
ETA conference, August – Australian Technology Park, Redfern. (“PBL in the English classroom”)
DER Leadership conference (presentation of Action Research)
English Teacher PD – Coffs Harbour HS. (PBL, Digi-narratives and Edmodo)
Edmodo featured blogger leading up to ISTE 2011


NSW DET Office of School’s Conference – Engaging Learners Through Innovative Practice
Northern Sydney Region Think Tank
Northern Sydney Region DER: Innovative teachers
NSW Secondary Principals Conference (“Creating 12 word digi-narratives”. Presented with students)
Macquarie University Teaching with Technology Annual Conference (“DER at Davo”. Presented with students)


ETA Conference presentation, University of NSW (George Orwell’s Essays)


ETA conference presentation – Edmodo and Literature with Darcy Moore and Troy Martin

Extra stuff:

– author and co-author of three Excel study guides
– awarded a $10, 000 DET grant (for teacher relief) to implement an action research project at my school. Focus is PBL + DER with the focus question: ‘Do teachers consider netbook-assisted Project Based Learning to be an effective pedagogical tool for promoting student engagement and improved learning outcomes? A preliminary study.’

3 thoughts on “Sharing is caring …

  1. Dear Bianca,

    My name is Fatema Ebrahim, I recently graduated from NYU with a Master’s in Public Relations & Corporate Communication. I’m part of a startup called “Kipin Hall”. Its a retention solution that uses analytics and behavioral interventions to help students towards college completion. It’s like fitocracy for students. Our website is

    I’m reaching out to influential people like yourself who share the same passion about education. I’m working on a research project – “The use of K-12 educational technologies for increasing student and parent engagement”.

    Goal: I want to get input from teachers on challenges they face in helping students and their families, especially the students who are in most need

    I would love to talk to you and set up a brief meeting with you at your convenience. We are always open to learn new insight and share our thoughts with like minded professionals in the field. Would love to connect with you!

    Please let me know if you are interested in connecting. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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