I’ve been using edmodo since mid-2009. Edmodo was a chance discovery for me – it was mentioned briefly on a list of edtech tools provided during a video conference. I was so excited to find edmodo because it provided me with just what I needed – a teacher & student friendly web-based tool that facilitated the sharing of resources. When I first started using edmodo they didn’t even have 500,000 users. Now they have over 5 million and it has been so exciting being a part of the continued development of this tool – my favourite web tool ever!

I’ve written HEAPS of posts about edmodo, and my edmodo posts continue to be the most popular posts on my blog. I’ve decided to put all of these posts on one page because I think it might help people new to edmodo and those wanting to see how it can be used in the classroom. So, I hope it helps! 😉

This was my first EVER post about edmodo. It outlines my favourite features. Of course, edmodo has added heaps more features now, but these are still excellent features!


If I love edmodo so much, how do I use it? In this post I list a bunch of the ways that I use edmodo in my English classroom.


In July, 2011, I was lucky enough to win the edmodo featured blogger competition and was flown to Philadelphia, US to attend ISTE. As part of my role as featured blogger, I wrote a series of blog posts about how I use edmodo. They are all linked to this post:


This is a post about how edmodo connects educators together to create cool stff for students.


This is one of my most popular blog posts – it lists all of the ‘underground’ edmodo groups that teachers can join. There’s HEAPS more than this … but this is a start!


There are SOO many ways to use edmodo. In this post I try to outline all of the ways I use edmodo by catergorising them: resource sharing, collaboration, lessons, assessments and organisation.



13 thoughts on “Edmodo

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  5. Hi Bianca,

    Given that you have used Edmodo during its more and less popular periods I was wondering if you could clear something up for me: Has it always been this slow? I found that using it synchronously in class was impossible due the extremely slow loading times. It was still useful for asynchronous sharing activities but I’m curious if it’s even been fast enough to post a file that a class can log in and use straight away during the start of class.

    • It has certainly slowed down. I’m with Andrew on this one becoming a less viable tool to use all at once. And what is with blocking the app store for Australian teachers?

      • The app store is relatively new and they are still working on international payment processing. Currently apps only available in US.
        As to the speed issues – I will speak with edmodo about this. I have noticed it had slowed a bit but I can still use it in real time in class. Could it be a browser or hardware issue? Thanks for letting me know though 🙂

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  9. It has become worse of late and I think its a browser issue and systems….. Many of my students complain that they can’t upload their assignments using the “Turn in” any more. At first I thought they were lying lol but I also have had some trouble with it at school (but not at home) . Seems to work better on apple …..(????)

  10. I too was an early adopter, starting back in 2008/9. I got our domain and ran training sessions at school for staff. It was great and most loved it. I used it on excursions and even to keep in touch with my students when I travelled to the USA. Visited Edmodo a few times, was invited to speak to their staff at HQ in San Mateo. Became an ambassador and certified trainer. I even applied for a job there a few years back. When Google Classroom began creeping into our school I was resistant, and so were some of my classes. One year I was running both until I became frustrated with its lag and some features not loading. It wasn’t as well integrated with office packages as Classroom. I’ve sadly let go of Edmodo for my classes, but I still have the app and occasionally visit the PD groups I’m in.

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