I’m currently enrolled part time in a Master of Education (Research) at Sydney University. My supervisor is Jon Callow.
Before I begin my own research project I had to complete the course EDPK5003:Developing a Research Project. I documented my progress as a beginning researcher below.

1. My initial research proposal can be read here.

2. My first assignment for EDPK5003 – an outline of my proposed topic (750 wds) can be read here.

3. My second assignment for EDPK5003 – an alternative research strategy for my proposed topic (750 wds) can be read here.

4. My third assignment for EDPK5003 – my sampling approach (750 wds) can be read here.

5. My fourth assignment for EDPK5003 – data collection (750 wds) can be read here.

6. My fifth assignment for EDPK5004 – draft thesis proposal (3000 wds) can be read here

It is now Semester 1, 2012. I completed the EDPK5004 course with a high distinction. Stoked. I am no enrolled in my last required course before I am classed as ‘prepared’ for conducting my own research project. The course I am currently enrolled is EDPK5001: Qualitative Research Methods. I will post my completed assignments below.

1. My first assignment for EDPK5001 – observation (2 pps and a 10 minute presentation) can be read here.

4 thoughts on “MEd(Research)

  1. Cooool! Thanks for sharing. I’d love to learn more about PBL and your research findings. I might have to arrange a visit T4? Inspired.

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  3. I just happened to stumble upon you blog whilst working on an assessment for M. Teach(Secondary). I am most interested in you research project on ICT assisted PBL and student engagement. Do you have any further updates on your progress to the thesis?

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