Keeping students organised – got tips?

Writing Year 12 reports over the last two days has really brought to the fore the power of organisation. Without doubt, the kids who are the most successful in school are those who are organised. I’m really wanting to support my year 12 students with their organisation -both of their time and of their physical stuff. It’s a hard one for me because I’m incredibly disorganised myself, despite my many attempts to be organised.

Today I made some personalised name magnets to help my students visualise their ability to complete homework – see image below. I’ve also created a learning calendar for our current study of Donne and W;t, which hyperlinks to resources, and outlines required homework. I’m open to other suggestions – I can’t control what they do at home, but any tips for what I can do in class to help keep them on track are much appreciated. 

4 thoughts on “Keeping students organised – got tips?

  1. I issue a calendar at the start of each term. On each day it says
    what we are covering in class – just the poem/ chapter/ lesson topic,
    if any work is due – essay, homework etc
    Every day we don’t have a lesson has a ‘suggestion’ for prep for the next lesson or homework task
    It’s a help for both of us – it keeps me ‘honest’ and on track, the class knows exactly where we are up to in the topic ( within reason – there’s always days where activities have to be adjusted for the fire drill, extended assembly, excursion etc. And there are no excuses for not being prepared!

    • Thanks Michele – I do this also, I referred to it in my post as our ‘learning calendar’ and agree it’s a great resource. I like the idea of ‘prep’ suggestions for no class days. Thanks!

      • Sorry Bianca, must have missed that bit. Didn’t mean to sound patronising (?), just enthusiastic about sharing. 🙂

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