Improving student composition via formative assessment in the PBL classroom

Yesterday I presented at the 2016 English Teachers Association conference at University of New South Wales. It was a beautifully organised event, that brought together English teachers from all over the state, with a focus on exploring ‘the possibilities of emerging currents that bring with them profound changes to the ways we teach our students.’

I ran a 75 minute workshop on PBL and formative assessment – the title of this blog post was the title of my talk. Below is the blurb for my talk, and a link to a PDF copy of my slides.

Project Based Learning is emerging as a popular and powerful disruptive force in Australian classrooms. Through this student-centred methodology, our students are being given permission to experiment, play, and fail-forward as they compose a range of texts for public audiences. However, the need for rigorous, proven formative assessment strategies to help teachers support the creation of quality work cannot be underestimated. This session will provide participants with hands-on experience with a range of effective formative assessment strategies, specifically Geoff Petty’s Goals, Medals, Missions, designed to support successful teacher, peer, and self-assessment.

Slides from my presentation can be downloaded from here: eta-formative-assessment-1

2 thoughts on “Improving student composition via formative assessment in the PBL classroom

  1. Hi Bianca,
    Your session was the best of the whole conference. Thanks for such an engaging presentation. I left my email with you as I was one of the unlucky ones that didn’t get your hand out. I would be very grateful if you get a chance to send a copy through!

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