Getting geeky: a lively review of contemporary young adult fiction

Yesterday I presented at the 2016 English Teachers Association conference at University of New South Wales. It was a beautifully organised event, that brought together English teachers from all over the state, with a focus on exploring ‘the possibilities of emerging currents that bring with them profound changes to the ways we teach our students.’

I delivered a 75 minute presentation with my mate Tanya White on young adult fiction – the title of our talk is the title of this blog post. It was so much fun presenting with Tanya, and even more awesome learning from her wealth of knowledge about literature. Below is the blurb from our presentation, plus a copy of our slides.

What do you get when you pair up a head teacher of English who studies the narrative theory of young adult fiction for fun (literally geeking out over dialogue, gaps and silences) and a classroom English teacher who reads YA every spare moment she has (in the bath, over breakfast, in the car, during important school meetings) and dreams of become a world famous bookstagrammer? An hour-long dialogue about the YA books we’ve read over the last 12 months, focusing on those suitable for use as whole class set texts, and those spunkier books better suited to being thrust into the hands of unsuspecting teens.

You can access our slides here: getting-geeky-a-lively-review-of-contemporary-young-adult-fiction-2

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