Keeping positive and healthy as the school year ends

I don’t know about you, but I always find term 4 really hard – I’ve always got so much I want to achieve before the end of the school year, and so much to plan for the following year, but I never seem to have enough time… or energy! At the beginning of last week I was feeling particularly low, and really was losing my drive to keep at it for the remaining weeks of the term. One week on, however, and I’m feeling much more positive. Why the turn around? No, it’s not mindful colouring-in, lol, but rather some old and new tonics for a tired mind. Below is a list of things that have helped me to view the coming weeks with optimism, rather than apprehension.

  1. Spending time with friends. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve spent time with people who I have know for a long time, and those who I have known for a short time (or even just met!). My boys and I were invited to Megan Townes’ amazing Harry Potter party for her son’s 12th birthday, I had sushi and sweet wine with one of my best teacher friends and we planned amazing things, and I attended the edu launch of the new Microsoft store where we hung out with some of the best edu peeps around whilst drinking champagne and playing Xbox.
  2. My morning walk. This morning was Day 6 of my #morningwalk routine. Basically I’ve been waking up with Lee, helping him get ready, and then heading out for a walk by the lake – we are lucky to live between the lake and the ocean. It’s actually been brilliant. Being up in the morning means people say hello, they nod and smile at each other – we are a community of strangers loving life and wanting to keep it that way. I’ve come to know when I’ll see familiar faces – the older man who hunches a bit, and looks at the ground until just as he gets to you, and then he says hello; the younger women walking together in fluro activewear smiling through their pain. I love catching people’s eyes and smiling. I spend my morning smiling at strangers! How cool is that? I’m actually still aglow from this morning’s walk as I type this!
  3. Quitting chocolate. I know this seems like madness, but chocolate and I can’t be proper friends. It makes my blood run cold and then hot, and then I feel sick in the stomach and try to fix it by eating more chocolate. It’s an addiction that I just had to break. I still give in a little bit, but I have a rule of not buying any chocolate from the supermarket – that means I won’t ‘graze’ on it when I’m stressed.
  4. Avoiding the news as much as possible. Really, this is hard (thanks Facebook and Twitter), but it’s essential. After the recent Paris attacks, I wanted to know everything, but Lee just kept maintaining his disinterest (not his lack of care) and I realised that I didn’t need to know everything, the horror stories, or see the photos. Being informed about world events does not mean being glued to 24/7 news. It’ll only make me sad, mad, or anxious. News from one quality source, once a day.
  5. Celebrating others’ successes. A number of my friends have been doing super amazing stuff recently, or they’ve got new jobs or promotions. There was a time when I would focus more on what those successes meant for me (why aren’t I achieving that same level of success too?), but recently it’s just clicked that being happy for others just adds to the world’s happiness (corny, but true), and we all need more happy, right? Plus, I love my friends and their successes make the world a better place.
  6. Reading. 2015 has been the year of the book for me – inspired by my nerdy reader friends Tamara Rodgers and Megan Townes, I have been reading at least one new book every week, and writing reviews of them on my Instagram account jimmy_reads_books. The Instagram book-reading community it beautiful – just crazily supportive, kind, generous. Reading is my relaxation time and my escape. It reminds me that there is more to life than work, and has helped my connect with a whole new nerdy network.
  7. Planning our holiday. This is more about me watching Lee plan our insanely huge road trip to Western Australia, but it’s awesome. Having something specific to focus our attention on to help us get through the tough days is essential. I can’t wait to blog the trip!
  8. Thinking big for 2016. I can’t even begin to list the exciting things I have planned for 2016, but let me tell you that they’re all edu-based, involve a new creative venture with a friend, publishing some amazing PBL books, and doing cool stuff at my school.
  9. Using social media positively. I’ve found that Instagram is easily the most positive social media community, and I love going on there to fill up on the good stuff. Facebook is lovely, but with the huge world events happening, my timeline is being flooded with sad posts, political posts, angry posts… I don’t want to ignore this, but being a person who suffers from anxiety, I find it all a bit much. I’m thankful for my friends who post cat videos and real-life status updates because they remind me that life is beautiful.
  10. Spending time with my pets. We currently have: 4 fish, 7 chickens, 2 cats, and 2 dogs. It’s mental, but I love them all. The chickens occupy a lot of my time because they are hilarious, but also always needing new feed/water etc and I find myself the one doing that… plus collecting eggs just makes me feel like a farmer. There’s something magical about animals – they calm you down, and put your feet back on the ground.

4 thoughts on “Keeping positive and healthy as the school year ends

  1. This is absolutely just what I needed to read today. Thank you, Bianca! I am off to try some of these – certainly not the chocolate one!!!

    • Haha! Well, when I say I ‘quit’ I mean I’ve stopped eating it every day in large quantities! The morning walk is definitely my favourite on the list right now. 😊

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