Why do Australians need satire more than ever? Year 10 project

In the last three weeks of term 2, two year 10 classes worked on a PBL project focusing on satire. This was the first PBL project designed by one of my new English colleagues, Kate Munro, and I was so pleased with how enthusiastically she took to the challenge of rethinking her practice. I think everyone remembers their first PBL project, and I know Kate will too.

Here is the project outline that Kate created for the project:


We both used Google Drive to organise students’ resources, and as a space to facilitate their collaboration. This worked well because it was Kate’s first time using Google Drive with students, another responsible risk that pushed her comfort levels but ultimately allowed her to discover the effectiveness of Google Drive for PBL. She also trialled using ClassDojo to track students’ collaborative behaviours – what a champion!

As you can see, for this project students were to work in teams to create their own satirical text. Students were given the freedom to choose what topic they would focus their satire on, and what type of text they would make. I spent a bit of time contacting a range of people to be involved as out guest experts at the final presentation of learning, and was very happy to get three people to get involved –  two guys from The Sauce an Australian satirical website plus a young film maker Todd McHenry who is passionate about the changing nature of satire in the 21st century! All three came to our school and spoke with our students about satire, and why they are all committed to this genre of comedy, and then they provided feedback to students on their satirical texts. It was great to have the boys from The Sauce offer to publish some of our students work, and for Todd to offer to come back again next year in the early stages of the project to help students with the creation of their satirical videos. We are very lucky!

Here are some of the texts created by my students, I hope you find them as funny and powerful as we do!


why australia needs tony

A Man Of Action






2 thoughts on “Why do Australians need satire more than ever? Year 10 project

  1. Thank you for the continued inspiration and passion! I share your site with lots of teachers in my school…just met with a young teacher today who has designed a couple of great projects for Geography and Commerce…I get so excited to see others enthused and energised by PBL. Thanks again!

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