Evidenced Based Teaching Practices Self-Assessment – Standards Aligned

This is a document that can be used by teachers or leaders to assess teaching practice. It’s designed using a Solutions Focused Approach technique called scaling, which allows you to identify where you’re at with your current teaching practice, and where you’d like to be. I’ve added the relevant proficient professional standards to help those of you who are working towards your accreditation. Of course, you could easily just jump up to the next level of the same number if you’re working towards HAT or Lead. I hope it comes in useful for some of you! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Evidenced Based Teaching Practices Self-Assessment – Standards Aligned

  1. You are a good egg Bianca. You will transform your teachers to the selective standards of your students. Your last few posts regarding the creation of professional learning communities at Manly Campus are amazing. What an asset you are for the NBSC. I love how you have embedded scaling into the PDF.

    • Oh wow, thanks so much for this comment, Ben. I think the scaling activity has worked really well, and just helps teachers be a bit objective about their practice.

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