It’s been one month since my last blog post…

It feels like so much has happened since I last posted on here. I’ve been so insanely busy that, quite literally, I have not had the energy to write a post. So what’s been going on?
– year 12 have completed their final HSC examinations. They were all really happy with the questions and came out relieved and pleased. It is such an emotional journey for us all, and I continue to miss them every day. Just yesterday two of my class came to visit and we chatted for over an hour! I’m so proud of them all 🙂
– year 7 participated in Literature Circles for three weeks. They were so lovely and engaged in their chosen novels. They wrote excellent reviews of their novels which we will be posting to Amazon or Good Reads. They’ve also been participating in a pen pals project with three other year 7 classes from different schools. One school is from rural Australia, one from Western Australia and one from northern NSW. They’ve been learning the conventions of letter-writing, which is amusing to me but all new to them. Yesterday half of the class received their first letters – there was much excitement! They’ve now begun working on their final project for the year – introduction to film making focusing on the concept of inventiveness. They’re all entering their short films into a film festival. More on this later!
– year 10 have been engaging with images of war. They have been learning about the concept ‘representation’ and how composers position responders to think and feel a certain way about war. They just finished their end of year exams, so we’re starting to compose their own images of war to share in a showcase for Remembrance Day.
– Lee and I have completed the first manuscript of our first PBL book! It was a lot of hard work, but we’re really proud of it and know that it will be a great resource for English teachers. It should be on shelves by the end of the year – watch this space!
– I got a new job! I’m really excited to be heading to Manly Selective Campus next year in the role of Head Teacher of Teaching and Learning. A big role that will provide me with lots of opportunities to hang out with students and teachers, talking about what I love – teaching!

So that’s what my month has looked like… phew! Hopefully I’ll get some time to reflect more comprehensively on my projects later this term. How’s your month been?


2 thoughts on “It’s been one month since my last blog post…

  1. My heartfelt congratulations Bianca! What a wonderful role that you will no doubt enjoy! I wish you all the very best (for your upcoming book) and for the rest of the year. You have always been so incredibly generous with your ideas about teaching and learning. You have given so much to your online PLN.

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