Oh, Seattle, how we love you!

The train to Seattle from Portland was cruisy – four hours of alternating napping and reading, perfect. The best part, of course, was that we ended up in Seattle!
We arrived at Union Station, which happily is in the city centre, and tried our best to haul all of our bags up the hill to our hotel. We made it to an ATM and grabbed some cash and then a cab. The cab driver was pretty hilarious – a socialist who cared for the environment but resented people walking slowly across the road or who took all his change. We potentially were guilty of the latter, oops!
We got to our hotel way before check-in, so dropped off our bags and headed down Pike Street to check out the town.
Our first stop was Pike Street Farmers’ Markets. Love it here! Our last visit to Seattle was so rushed that we didn’t get to appreciate this community space enough. We bought yummy dried fruit, admired the crowds buying seafood and tasted chocolate pasta – yum! We also got cold pressed apple and lavender cider – yum! We navigated our way through the rush of locals and tourists and headed down to the pier for clam chowder and tomato soup – the boys had theirs in sourdough bread bowls which the couldn’t finish.
We hiked it back up Pike Street and finally checked in to our hotel. It’s a beautiful hotel – big apartment, great games room, excellent service. The boys went for a swim and played electronic darts – happy boys! We then headed north on Pike to experience the colour of the gay community and the awesome that is Elysian Brewery. Love that place.
The next day we slept in – yay! Every other day has been hectic with very early starts. It was nice to rest. We got up in time for the hotel breakfast and regretted it as soon as we saw the powdered eggs, weird ham circles and other foods of dubious origins. It was a quick decision to head back to Pike St Markets for doughnuts. OK, only I ate them… tiny doughy balls of yumminess. Once again we headed to the pier with the plan to ride the huge Ferris wheel but it was packed at 10 in the morning, on a week day, so we gave it a miss. Phew! I wasn’t keen at all.
Another ten minute walk and we found ourselves in the oldest part of the city – so pretty – for the Underground Tour. Loved it! We had the best guide of the lot, she was hilarious, passionate and knowledgable. We learned so much about the origins of Seattle – and a lot about their obsession with toilets! Thanks Mr Crapper! The resilience and determination of the founding fathers of Seattle was inspiring. It was also cool to discover that a woman was integral to the rebuilding of Seattle after it burnt down.
After spending far too long in the toy store opposite the tour, we headed to Pike Brewery for refreshments and food, but mostly refreshments, lol. Lee said the beer was awesome but not as good as Elysian Brewery. The food was yummy too – I recommended the vegetarian nachos!
The evening involved catching the monorail to the Space Needle and me defeating my fear of heights! The Space Needle is great – worth the long lines! The views of Puget Sound and Seattle city – oh those shadows! – are stunning. Truly. We ended the night with pizza and ice cream. What a great day!











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