What fascinates you the most about video games?

Finally the first project for Game On is done! It’s been a bit of a massive project – and admittedly too massive as an introductory project for a very new course – but I must say, it has been a massive learning curve for me. I have rambled on about how hard the project has been from a teacher’s perspective here, so now I’d just like to showcase the work my students did. They taught me so much about video games! I literally came into the course as a complete video games n00b… but am proud to say that I am far less of one now thanks to the expertise and enthusiasm of the 27 young people who chose to enroll in Game On!

You can read about our first project here. The driving question for the project was: What fascinates you the most about video games? I think the videos below really showcase the diverse range of interests that these young people have when it comes to video games. The final product was to create a YouTube video about their research topic – not all students managed to complete their videos. There are a range of different reasons from apathy (yeah, that’s right, some kids just couldn’t be bothered making a YouTube video about their favourite video game, weird, huh?) and technical issues (as in, they don’t know how to use editing software or their computers spazzed on them). I will upload the rest as they come in. As it stands, there are 12 videos of varying quality and length that would absolutely LOVE you to watch and share with your students. My students would LOVE to see the views go up and to get likes, comments and subscribers – more videos will be uploaded over the coming term!







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