Should video games be used to help us learn in high school?

This is the driving question that my two year 7 classes have been (quite happily) answering in small teams over the last two weeks. Yup, that’s right – 8 lessons! This micro-project has been high-energy and high-engagement. Obviously the topic is very interesting for 12 year olds and it has resulted in lots of great discussion and ultimately some really cool arguments for an against. If you are not from Australia, you won’t know that every May we have our country’s major numeracy and literacy examination (read, standardised test) and that around about this time of year most teachers are spending time in class checking that their students have the basics to get them through these nasty tests. For the writing component, students are asked to write either a persuasive or an imaginative response. This year 7 project is a sneaky way of getting my students to engage in thinking, writing and speaking persuasively. I didn’t spend much time on any explicit inquiry/research stuff for this project because, let’s face it, these kids have been tortured with persuasive text writing for years. I went with the assumption that an exciting, challenging and engaging task over a very short period of time would refresh and develop their understanding and use if the language and structure of persuasive texts. I think you can tell from the videos below that it has been a great success! Please like, comment and subscribe after you watch the video – thanks!



3 thoughts on “Should video games be used to help us learn in high school?

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