VoicEd 2014: A Critical and Creative Thinking Conference

Six months ago, one of my colleagues attended TEDx Sydney. I read her excited and inspired facebook posts throughout the event and messaged her a lot about it afterwards. She truly was gushing with praise for the speakers and the general vibe of the day. Immediately I started wondering how we could capture this type of mood and passion and relate it to education… typical me, right? After a few facebook messages back and forth, we began hatching plans to run a TEDx-style education-oriented event at our school. Luckily for us, we have a very enthusiastic and determined principal who embraced our idea and ran with with. Six months later, we have a very real and very wonderful event organised that we hope will be just as inspiring and exciting as TEDx Sydney… just with an added edu flavour!

Introducing… VoicEd!

VoicED_hugewhiteWhat is in a name? Well, actually quite a bit of thought! We very much want the day to be about the voices of educators – not those who once worked as a teacher 20 years ago, no, the voices of practising teachers, academics and education consultants who are actively engaged in the nitty gritty of schools in the 21st century! Secondly, it is an acronym that sums up the nature of the day: Voices of Innovative Collaborators in Education.

The event is being held at my school, Davidson High School, and is therefore available for all DEC teachers as well as any interested preservice teacher currently studying or recently graduated and not yet affiliated with a school. We have a diverse range of speakers from a variety of sectors – primary, secondary and tertiary. You can read about the speakers here.

During the day you will listen to twelve different edu speakers as well as students and then you will be given the opportunity to share your own edu story (a session we’ve named ‘Pop-Up Talks’) OR you can talk to some of the speakers in-depth in break-out ‘Birds of a Feather’ sessions. Each presentation will focus on the ways an educator has enhanced or incorporated critical and/or creative thinking into the learning experiences of their students. Topics range from flipped classroom, to disruptive leadership and even play based learning… read the full program here. You can also download a flyer for your school here. VoicEd outline

If this sounds like a day worth attending, your can register your interest online here. I’m super excited about the potential for this conference… it’s a really important step in the right direction for school-based, grass-roots, open-door professional learning in the 21st century. I hope to see you there!


7 thoughts on “VoicEd 2014: A Critical and Creative Thinking Conference

  1. Oh, if only Australia wasn’t half a world away! This sounds AWESOME! WIll you have videos of the speakers posted online for those of us unable to get there, by chance?
    ~ Sarah, New Hampshire, USA

  2. Hello Bianca,

    What a great idea! The name aligns wonderfully well with the quality and offerings of the speakers. My only disappointment, I cannot be there.

    Best Wishes for the vent

  3. You blow my mind. This is an amazing idea. Congratulations on making it happen. I’m going to share your flyer with my school and push it at Exec and faculty levels. Keep up the inspiring work and thank you for the constant push to have us all do this job as well as possible.

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