PLSM13: A celebration of learning

In a couple of weeks (Thursday, 12th December to be specific) a group of rad educators will be coming together to share the pain and pleasure inherent in learning. As a teacher, learning is my business and as a teacher, learning is your business too. Often it gets lost in all of the paper work and lesson plans and assessment tasks and report-writing… but really that’s why we do what we do. The learning isn’t meant to just be the learning of our students… it’s our own learning as well. How boring would it be if we knew everything, were curious about nothing and didn’t learn something new each day? Very boring!

You all know about our PLSM journey… and it’s coming to the fun end – the sharing, the laughter, the celebration. We really, really want you to share in this too… and that’s why we’re opening up our PLSM13 celebration of learning to all educators, where ever you may be!

You can read about the event on our PLSM weebly, here.

Just like with all great projects, this one will end with a bang and a public audience! (Gotta practice what we preach, after all!) Will you come along to support teachers who have taken the scary leap into the messy world of project based learning? It’s free!


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