An entry event without words…

Dang it that title just made me think of an even cooler entry event/hook lesson than the one I actually ran with Year 8 today (no talking or written words at all for the whole lesson!). Never mind! OK, so here’s what I did which was really fun and silly and relevant… I reckon. Oh, wait – you don’t know what the project is so the entry event wouldn’t make sense to you, right? Well my colleague has designed this super cool project around the graphic novel Scary Girl by Nathan Jurevicius. Students study both the graphic novel as well as the online game version and then they work in teams to compose their own game manual for a game that has been adapted from a graphic novel. Sounds a bit hard, but trust me, the project is awesome. Since it’s not my intellectual property, I can’t share the project outline on here with you – sorry!

Sooo … (getting back to the point eventually) … because the graphic novel Scary Girl has NO written text at all (nope, none), I thought it’d be a good idea to hook my students into the idea of understanding narratives without words. Remember that the purpose of an entry event/hook lesson is to get students excited about an idea and basically just having a good time. Well, that’s how I see it anyway. Here’s a ‘swift as a kitten in a new home’ overview of my hook lesson:

1. We watched the YouTube clips below and laughed and went ‘oooooo’ at the skills of these mime-artists:

2. We played charades! Correct guesses won a lolly and a turn as the actor.

3. We mimed silly scenarios and had to guess what was happening. Scenarios included realising you’d left your wallet at home after you got to the checkout, milking a cow and vomiting school children.

4. Writing a one sentence response to the question: Why is it so difficult to tell a story without words?

And that, folks, is it … simple and fun. Tomorrow I’ll introduce them to the project outline and the project fun will begin again! Really looking forward to this one.


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