40 fantastic project outlines by my fabulous #EDMT5500 students

The final task that my students had to produce as part of the EDMT5500 unit of study at Sydney University is a project outline. I am very pleased that the course coordinator gave me the freedom to reshape the assessment for this course as it gave me the chance to give students some experience with project design. Here is the project outline for the task itself:

project_outline_mteachMy students rose to the challenge and created some brilliant projects that I know you will all be keen to teach! There are forty different projects from a range of different subjects and different ages from K-12. Please respect the intellectual property of these pre-service teachers by acknowledging their work if you use it or modify it. The ideas belong to my students, however they are keen to see their projects shared and put into practice in the classroom. If you do use one of the projects, let us know how it went by posting a comment below!

Elessa Mavridis:

Elessa Mavridis  Alan Chan:

alan_chanAlison Strong:

alison strongAllegra H-K:

allegra h-kAneeha Orkey:aneenha-orkey Anna James:

anna jamesCaleb Mui:

caleb muiChristian Brown:

Christian-BrownDacre England:

dacre-englandDavid Messer:

david_messerElizabeth Alford:

elizabeth_alfordGene Keski-Nummi:

gene Keski-Nummi

Jack Tier:

Jack tierJasmine Akarri:

jasmine akarriJess Levett:

jess levettJessica Shaw:

jessica shawJoshua Laurence:

joshualaurenceprojectplanJustina Wild:

Justina-WildKatie Bora:

katie BoraKelly Pring:

kelly pringKieran Donelly:

Kieran DonellyKrystle Symes:

Krystle symesLizzie Coolican:

lizzie_coolicanMaria Kritsotakis:

maria KritsotakisMarianna Bridgen:

marianna brigdenMario Tsang:

mario tsangMonica Napper:

monica napperNarbi Grennan:

Narbi Grennan.Nicoletta Spartalis:

Nicoletta SpartalisPaul Sintic:

paul sinticRaisa Askar:

raisa_askarRebecca Garden:

rebecca gardenRosie Blythe:

rosie blytheScott Jones:

scott jonesShelley Wheeler:

shelley wheelerSidney Shen:

sidney shenTony Han:

tony hanZiyad Serhan:

ziyad serhanKieana Stephens:

kieana stephensMeagan Aplin:

meagan aplin

10 thoughts on “40 fantastic project outlines by my fabulous #EDMT5500 students

  1. These. ROCK!

    Dear Elessa, Alan, Alison, Allegra, Aneeha, Anna, Caleb, Christian, Dacre, David, Elizabeth, Gene, Jack, Jasmine, Jess, Jessica, Joshua, Justina, Katie, Kelly, Kieran, Krystle, Lizzie, Maria, Marianna, Mario, Monica, Narbi, Nicoletta, Paul, Raisa, Rebecca, Rosie, Scott, Shelley, Sidney, Tony, Ziyad, Kieana & Meagan,

    Thank you for creating this work for us to use, modify and share. Without models of what can be done, it’s very hard to convince other people of what CAN be done. This is such a diverse selection of examples – rest assured my students will be learning from you next semester (and a whole swag of teachers too, because your tutor pays it forward and so does her PLN!).

    Thank you Bianca for collecting this work and for posting it here on the bloggy-blog. You put yourself out there, always believing, insisting that actions speak louder than talk, talk, talk…trying something novel in a university is a risky act. Gotta be prepared to walk the walk though. So grateful that you are working in this field!

    • THANK YOU!!!! My students worked so hard on these projects and happily took in board feedback to refine their projects so they are this awesome.
      I super duper always appreciate your generous feedback! xx

  2. Hello! Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas! I have been looking for projects to incorporate into my Language Arts and Science classes this upcoming school year. If you are able, please send a heartfelt thanks to Allison Strong, Joshua Laurence, Monica Napper, and Scott Jones as I intend on using their projects in my classroom this fall!

    • That’s the coolest thing, Matt! Please keep me up to date with how successful the projects are!! So happy to hear me students’ work is getting traction – yay!

  3. I remembered this post and had to go back for some inspiration.
    Designing a new “out there” PBL task for my Year 10 Information Software Technology class and have hit a brick wall!
    Your projects have pepped me up and given me the boost I need! Love it Bianca!!!

  4. Some really fantastic projects here Bianca. I will be bookmarking this one for sure. The first Minecraft Project is very similar to one my students did at school, except it was “Can we create a sustainable village using minecraft”. It went really well and the kids were super engaged. They presented their product to a real audience too 🙂

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