I might look silly, but I believe what I say (@aitsl video)

A few weeks ago (I think it was – time has been manic for so long now), I was filmed as I taught and as I talked by the very cool crew at AITSL. The process of being filmed was intimidating but exciting – it was a rush feeling like I was on the spot and had to be my very best. I didn’t want to make my students or school look bad and I didn’t really want a goofy video of me looking goofy. I don’t particularly enjoy watching the video (I mean, it’s hard as a girl watching yourself on camera … ewwww) but I am proud of the things I said and I 100% stick by them. If you’re an Australian teacher and you’re not giving your full attention to the General Capabilities in the Australian Curriculum (even those of you in NSW with a Syllabus!) then you’ve got rocks in your head! Anyway, below is the video of me and my students. Let me know what you think about what you see and hear … good or bad! 🙂






8 thoughts on “I might look silly, but I believe what I say (@aitsl video)

  1. Excellent Bianca – I think you really summarise the situation well, and showcase the variety of skills and capabilities expected of the 21st century learner and teacher.

  2. Awesome comments. I’m absolutely on your page with the cross curricular (general capabilities) stuff. I think it has some excellent potential for making sure students are engaged with the world and themselves, not just with content. Have you read Howard Gardner’s “Five Minds for the Future” worth a read re: empathy.

  3. 21st century learning – it takes courage to implement this new way of thinking, teaching and learning. Thanks for sharing and demonstrating just how great it can be teaching right now and in the future.

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