Literature Circles – resources

I just logged into edmodo and saw a teacher asking for resources for starting Literature Circles. We introduced Literature Circles at my school about three years ago. I’ve had great success with the activity. I run a fairly regimented routine and students seem to respond well with it. I mean, after all the students do get to read a book of their choice in groups with their friends … that kind of thing needs structure so that they can actually get the reading and learning happening without being distracted too much by their mates.

Anyway, here are the documents that I’ve used for the last few years. I’ve borrowed heavily from a range of sites which are referenced at the bottom of the pages. I hope they help someone, somewhere. Please feel free to ask questions etc about the process at our school.

Literature Circles Roles Handouts[1]

Correct_Teacher Manual to Literature Circles[1]



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