Book published – achievement unlocked!

Ever since my Year 12 Extension students presented me with a hardcover copy of a book we wrote collaboratively as a class, I’ve wanted to have a go at publishing more student work in this way. And I just did it! To get a hardcover copy is a bit pricey from Blurb ($74 delivered for one copy!) but I paid for it because I was excited and having the book in your hands is so much more awesome than just flicking through an eBook. I did, however pay the $10 to make it an ePub book as well which you can download for free using the link below. I’m sure there are cheaper options and someone out there will let me know 🙂

The last project Year 10 worked on was the ‘Wild at Heart’ project and if you click on this link you can see the finished product – a whole bunch of wonderful, creative, insightful personal essays … published for the world to read! We’ll be putting our class hardcover copy in the library after we all have a look at it. I just hope it arrives before Year 10 leave!




3 thoughts on “Book published – achievement unlocked!

  1. Wonderful! And thank you for allowing me to be a small part of this project. I really liked engaging with the students and their writing and also, as an English teacher, with a different essay form.

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