Wanted: MORE mentors for students working on their ECP

If you read my last blog post, you will know what this post is about. I’m not going to rewrite that post, so just go read it here.

After an AMAZING response to my previous request for mentors (all students had a mentor within 24 hours of the post being published!), some more of my students have asked if I can find them mentors. These students have spent some time looking on their own, but haven’t been successful – I think they now know the power of having a strong online network!

So below is a list of the topics my students are focusing on, and if you’re keen to mentor one, just post a comment below with your preferred topic and I will arrange for you to join our edmodo group. Thanks so much in advance – it’s a great opportunity for all involved!

Student 13: short story (form); What makes a short story interesting? (concept)

Student 14: critical response (form); Purpose of dreams (concept)

Student 15: personal essay (form); What’s the appeal of Ellen Hopkins’ ‘Crank’ trilogy? (concept)

Student 16: personal essay (form); the philosophy of success (concept)

Student 17: personal essay (form); Are serial killers born or created? (concept)

Student 18: feature article (form); Inspiring people from the medical field e.g. Chris O’brien (concept)


2 thoughts on “Wanted: MORE mentors for students working on their ECP

  1. Hi Bianca, I am happy to support Student 15 – personal essay on the appeal of Ellen Hopkins & Crank. I would be very interested to see what s/he thought and am getting to be a whiz at personal essay feedback!! Paula

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