Promised great learning experiences but stuck doing boring assessments and tests.

At the start of this school year, our teachers said that this year would be the best school year that we will ever have. They said that they would give us iPads and computers and they said that there would be a new, cool learning space for us to use these utilities to learn. However, it is now Term 4 and the teachers STILL haven’t given us those. The only thing they have changed is the reading groups. It was OK to begin with, because it was different from the worksheets that we completed last year, but after doing the EXACT SAME THING over and over again, it just turned out to be plain boring. The only thing I have enjoyed this year is the fact that all Year 5s and 6s are in a composite class. There are three composite classes.

The teachers said ALL of the classes would have the best year ever, but only ONE class has parties at the end of each term, only ONE class does cool projects like making book trailers and going outside to learn. Only ONE class has a new and awesome time … and it isn’t my class. It’s unfair that they get to do fun and new activities, whereas the other two classes are stuck doing boring assessments and tests. Everyone should have the right to have good learning experiences – it should be equal. Seriously, where is the PBL?  My brother got the chance to participate in a PBL project and he loved it. It’s the only cool thing he has done all year. This year, if anything, has been probably one of the worst years I have had … only because I had high hopes at the start of the year, but they were shattered over time.

By a Year 5 student.


5 thoughts on “Promised great learning experiences but stuck doing boring assessments and tests.

  1. This is a sad recount of a school year…I feel sorry for this Year 5 student 😦
    It is event sadder to know that this experience is not unique.
    Going outside, having fun and doing projects are great things to do at school, but teachers think they ‘don’t have enough time’ to do these things. Sometimes that teacher needs to try harder, but sometimes it is because a person with more power than them has made them too scared to try something new.

    When I was in year 6 and I was really bored in class, I talked to my old year 5 teacher about it. I liked her a lot more, and she knew I needed to have a project to work on to stay interested in school. So she gave me my own extra project – I had to design my ultimate, perfect bedroom. I didn’t get extra credit for the work, and it wasn’t an assessment, but I was still excited to do it! The best thing was that I feel like someone listened to me, and did something about it.

    I hope school is better in Year 6 for this student.
    And i really, really hope that more Principals and district/regional leaders hear more messages like these and give the teachers who work for them permission to slow the curriculum down so that everyone can have more fun, learn in better ways, and be more HAPPY!

  2. I wanted to “like” this post…. but that is not the right reaction…. I hope none of my students walk away from my class with a feeling like this…. Learning should be engaging….!!
    I am sorry Mr Year 5 that is sucks… but it will get better! It just has to! 🙂

  3. Sometimes I do wonder if ignorance is bliss. I wonder if kids whose parents do not question the status quo, hence none the wiser, are happier at school. I wonder if kids who aren’t promised anything to begin do not end up disappointed.

    But then, how can one stay ignorant and be happy?

    My year 5 kid was bored this year. She goes to school because she has to and she likes her friends….not for the learning (real, imagined or promised). She’s got 7 more years of school – that sounds onerous.

    Here’s to (at least some) good learning experiences ahead for these year 5s!

  4. The eldest is in year five and I’m not sure she’d say any year has been a good one. However, she is intrinsically moitivated to learn and I’m convinced she only goes to school to hang out with her friends. It all amounts to a sad situation because school must be a place where our kids can be challenged, excited, enthusiastic and supported. I believe it can be all these things and more. I hope Year 5 student is not dissappointed by what is presented over the coming weeks.

  5. It’s the same old story, isn’t it? When you ask students about their favourite moments at school, it’s never the worksheet driven reading group that gets a guernsey. It’s always the Canberra excursion, or the choir performance, or the school dance. And if they do mention the business of learning, it’s usualy something to do with a big project with a genuine audience…

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