I won’t define myself in opposition to you.

“We need to at least try to create new structures and new ways of dealing with things. But it doesn’t have to be oppositional. It shouldn’t be a choice between running a fucked-up corporate business that doesn’t think about what your products do out in the world, how your workers are treated, and why all the top management is from a certain group versus running a punk business, giving your products away for free, and having no structure. That just creates a whole new bogus thing where we’re still defining ourselves in accordance with The Man because we’re defining ourselves in opposition to him. We are contingent on him staying an asshole … I’m not going to base my whole life on being the opposite of a bunch of necrophiliac assholes. I’m going to try to create something that makes sense in the context of what’s going on now.” ~ Kathleen Hanna


One thought on “I won’t define myself in opposition to you.

  1. I’m going to admit now to being an unabashed BH fan. You are so on-message with what needs to be said to educators and policy-makers it makes me crazy. Even your anger at what is wrong is exactly on point. You make me wish I still had my teaching career ahead of me instead of behind me as is the case, and that’s saying something.

    At the risk of becoming my mother who was always sending me things to read, things that meant something to her generation but not mine, I want to suggest a book by someone else who has also made sense of what the hell is going on with our kids and culture. “Now You See It” by Cathy N. Davidson http://www.amazon.com/Cathy-N.-Davidson/e/B000AP5T38 has just come out in paperback, and you can get it for ten bucks. As I read her theoretical stuff and life experience it has your teaching practice and perspective painted all over it, and I *think* you may find it exciting stuff as well. The two of you occupy the same intellectual stratum, but at different corners of the field.

    I would have simply sent this to you as a gift, but then I *would* be my mother.

    Have a great year back in the saddle…

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