Three PBL Secrets …

1. Your first project will fail.
2. Start small – a one week project at most.
3. Talk openly with your students about the process and what/if they are learning.



2 thoughts on “Three PBL Secrets …

  1. Lol! Oh so true! My first project didn’t fail it just wasn’t what I expected. I would add that your first project, if it is also the student’s first project, should be teacher guided with lots of modeling, I could not do that in one week.

    This next year I intend to do a lot more Pbil. I will spend the first term modeling because it’s new to most and then let them give it a go.

    And definitely talk to them about their learning because many just want to get right to “what’s the right answer?”. They may not all enjoy learning in an environment where they develop an answer rather than memorize or practice one for a grade.

    It was interesting last year and I learned a lot. Pbil is hard. You will need to keep learning just to keep up with the students. However, I loved that part!

  2. Without wishing to get too zen about the whole thing, for me it was coming to terms with the fact I wasn’t ‘in charge’ any more. Circumstance, their interests, dialogue – they all drove the best projects we did this year.
    And that’s a hell of a step to try and get someone to take. Especially in our accountability culture.

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