Driving into the desert: Manhattan Beach to Las Vegas

Surprisingly we got some sleep at The Bellamar Hotel. We checked in a bit after 4am and checked out not long after 11am. If only it wasn’t such a ‘quality’ hotel we mighta been able to pay by the hour! The brief sleep and warm showers did us good though and we headed out to the swank Manhattan Beach to grab a late breakfast.

Last year we spent our first evening in the US at Manhattan Beach. We had tacos from Wahoos … one of our favourite memories as we giggled about the food portions (huge) and the taste of the ice tea (like cold black tea with sugar). Even though it’s Fathers Day here today, Lee didn’t get what he wanted by returning to Wahoos – instead we went to Mama D’s for pizza. It was good, great bread with olive oil and Baz got his drawing of our ‘server’ pasted on the wall. Oh, funny aside – the paper the boys were given said ‘draw your server and win a free pizza’. They were looking bewildered until I told them server meant waiter … they were thinking about minecraft servers!! Anyway, after a bungled attempt to correctly tip our server, we said good bye to that very wealthy seaside town and headed West to Vegas.

Poor Lee! The drive was huge for someone who had minimal sleep and intense jet lag. He’s a trooper though and he got us to our destination, stopping once for a sleep to refresh himself.

Vegas? Hasn’t changed a bit. Starting to question why we were eager to return … but am confident that the answer is ‘cheap Converse’. Tomorrow we’ll hit the shops for a couple of hours and try to stock up on enough shoes and clothes to last us six months. All four of us hate shopping. We are staying in a VERY nice suite at the MGM Signature … the boys got so excited by the room that they made a little video. I’ll upload it to YouTube tomorrow. Really truly the place is as big as our ‘house’ (which is more of a basement) with quite amazing views of Vegas and the distant hills. Pretty sweet.

Out on The Strip tonight made me a little sad. The place just keeps on going through the motions, an endless cycle. I dunno. Hard to explain. It is a bit soulless and we’re looking forward to just relaxing by the pool tomorrow and forgetting where we are … after we join the treadmill of consumption and hit the outlets, that is!





3 thoughts on “Driving into the desert: Manhattan Beach to Las Vegas

  1. Welcome to the USA, but apologies that you’re stuck on the strip… we have so much more to offer, but a convention in Yosemite probably isn’t in our future.

      • Eek! Just saw this. It happens I’m in Fresno now for skating competition, and we’re heading to Yosemite (or around there on Wednesday (7/27) most likely.

        Unfortunately I don’t know that area well. If you’re stopping here in Fresno (about an hour from Yosemite) on the way, yes, I can suggest something. Email me at storm.family17@gmail.com if you want to get in touch.

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