An extra night in Auckland

Wake-up call by hotel staff at 4.30am? Not too suckish if you know you’re about to head to the airport to board a plane to sunny California. A little bit suckish when it’s 12 hours after you were delayed in freezing cold Auckland, NZ! It really was cold and the massive line of grumpy, delayed passengers we had to groggily join didn’t help much. BUT as I kept saying to the boys, I’d rather spend a night in a nice hotel with free dinner & breakfast than fly in a broken plane.
The flight was great. We got to ride in the big All Black AirNZ party plane. The staff are always so nice and the seats in economy roomy enough for us little people. I wasn’t so stoked on the day flight though. Leaving at 8am and arriving at 1am … urgh. I didn’t get much sleep but did manage to watch two films and a whole series of The Big Bang Theory (which I’d never seen before!).
Arriving at LAX was all zombie-like … customs took forever and you could hear the collective moan of the 400 or so passengers when we saw it.
Funny things to note: the two grand car rental fee, not being able to open the boot of the Ford and giggling as Snoop Dogg helped direct us to Manhattan Beach.




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