Feel free to take what you need.


14 thoughts on “HIATUS

  1. Hi Bianca,
    I agree, having a break from varying areas of life is needed for renewal. Thanks for your continual sharing of amazing ideas, resources and passion over time. Your generosity and sharing spirit is one that all teachers should engage in. Inspiration and rejuvenating learning experiences is great for the teaching soul- as is taking a break! Good on you!

  2. Hope all is well Bianca. I was very moved to read your last post about the absentee mother in literature and your own experience. I too had an absentee parent – my father was murdered when I was 11 and it took a lot of getting over. I guess one never really ‘gets over’ these things though, they remain knitted into the fabric of your soul.

  3. Time to reset, refresh and recharge…
    While you may not realise the impact that you have on many teachers out there, I for one, know I miss your voice on Twitter and will miss your reflective and inspiring blog posts….
    But I do know that there are times when teaching and all that is involved takes it out of you…

    See you on the flipside! 🙂

  4. Looking forward to your report on what it’s like to be unplugged and on “hiatus.’ Will miss your insight and PBL knowledge but I know that with your batteries recharged we can all expect even more energized knowledge sharing. Enjoy your break and see you when you return.

  5. HI Bianca, I hope the break is rejuvenating. I did want to let you know though that I had one of those validation moments last week. I sat 8T done for a shortened lesson and went through the syllabus with them to see if they knew the content and could answer questions on it from the learning they did during 3 pbl programs undertaken this semester. Yes they did and with sophistication! What’s more, they all provided such positive feedback on the methodology – group work, self directed, open ended, presentation based, facilitated learing, feedback on individual assignments and big picture stuff, that I felt it was all totally worthwhile – ie using pbl as my pedegogy. So thanks for being an inspiration and of such assistance. regards Paul

    • Hey Paul!!
      It’s been a while since we’ve chatted and I am SOOO glad to hear that things are going well!
      You are a success story that has far outstripped my own successes with PBL, methinks!
      Chat soon 🙂

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