Why do emos write poetry?

Year 10 spent three weeks answering this question last term. You can read the project outline below:

I was very impressed by the work that my class produced during this project – especially since I hardly taught them face-to-face during the entire three weeks. I still haven’t read the Eliot poem that they studied – I didn’t need to. Why? Because the project wasn’t about me and my content expertise – it was about the students and their ability to navigate the vast amounts of content available to them on the World Wide Web. My challenge was to set them on the path of inquiry …

Below are the podcasts created by five or the seven teams. We’re still waiting for the other two teams to creatively problem-solve and overcome their ‘technical difficulties’. I have faith it’ll all come good in the end.

Listen to this episode

Listen to this episode

Listen to this episode

Watch this episode

3 thoughts on “Why do emos write poetry?

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