School Has No Point: That’s No Joke

I was watching ABC3 with my  boys yesterday (as you do when you have a bunch of uni work to get through) and one of our favourite shows came on – You’re Skitting Me. It’s a very funny Australian skit show with teenager comedians … the boys and I love it because it is silly and often irreverent. Yesterday’s episode had a typically satirical and biting skit that made me rush to iView to capture it for you. Why? Because it supports the observation we’ve all been saying for ages: school has no point.

(*sorry if the vid is a little a dodgy, you can watch the full episode here – it’s about half-way through.)

Love that this is teenagers making the point – supposedly we teachers are smarter than them, yet we continue to support a system we all know is flawed. I’ll be showing this skit to my colleagues at the beginning of my workshop on project based learning on staff development day. I think it’ll get people thinking about the need to make the schooling experience more real-world, meaningful and relevant for our young people. I mean, let’s face it – this isn’t just about high school, it’s about all education: uni is the same, just without the bells.

Watch the You’re Skitting Me series one here on iView or check it out on ABC3 at 5.05pm weeknights, it’s worth it!


8 thoughts on “School Has No Point: That’s No Joke

  1. I am often asked by students “what is the point of learning …” I think that given the system is flawed, a temporary solution is to FIND a point. A student asked me why she had to learn poetry. I told her that English was to give students the tools to sound clever, the language to connect in a way which might not have been accessible to them had they not studied. I said it teaches you how to articulate and facilitates social climbing! Well not in those exact words.

    Anyway, she hugged me.

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