Surprise PBL driving questions for SDD

Next Monday I have to run a workshop with 47 teachers at my school on … PBL! Woot! First time I have presented on it to my colleagues so a little bit nervous about it.

I have decided to run this workshop just like a ran my last few PBL workshops, as a project! I only have an hour and fifteen minutes so it’s going to be pretty tight. What I realised with my last workshops was that designing the DQ proved super time-consuming (understandably cos it is one of the most important things – in fact, the most important as it determines the validity and success of your project). Because of time restrictions, I’ve decided to supply my colleagues with a driving question – they’ll get it as a ‘surprise’ in an envelope.

This morning I had to come up with nine driving questions … no easy feat UNLESS you have a super comprehensive epic website on driving questions that you can access. And ‘ta da’ I have one! This site is AMAZING and really detailed … I’ve read it through once (I think) and now I just jump to the tables and the bottom screen cos there are cool sample questions. I’ve taken 6 questions from there and also written some of my own … see if you can notice the sneaky one that I wrote in order to get some change happening to a part of my school.


How do we use our sense to discover the world?

How does climate affect the way we live?

How do drugs affect our health?

What makes a school safe?

How does our school impact the environment?

How do wars start?

What makes a good person?

How can we redesign our school library to meet the needs of 21st century learners?

What are the ingredients for a successful school?

I can’t wait to see what projects my colleagues craft around these driving questions … fun!


One thought on “Surprise PBL driving questions for SDD

  1. Bianca, I would love to see what your students
    Would design as the ultimate, most motivating
    Classroom for project based learning!

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