Protest Poetry Project (PBL) lesson outline

It’s 11.07pm and I’ve just made my first chai and opened a block of chocolate. This is me in serious lesson-planning mode. I’ve already scribbled my ideas into my art-diary where everything in my mind goes. Might give insight into my manic late-night planning sessions:

But what I need to do is put it in order. So that’s what the following post it, it’s my lesson plan for my Year 9 class tomorrow, haha.

1. Display ClassDojo and revise first three HOM. Quick discussion and drama activity for the next HOM – I think it’s THINKING FLEXIBLY. That’ll be important for poetry!

2. Check homework – students had to list three protest songs and register for edmodo. Have they filled in their edmodo profiles with learning preference, dream job and fav quote? I think they had to finish filling in their KWL chart and glue it in their books as well.

3. Speed KWLing: This is a variation of Speed Dating that I just made up, haha. Basically the students are going to sit in two circles, one in middle moves, one on outside stays put. Students have to select TWO questions from their ‘Wonder’ column and share these with their partner. If the ‘wonder’ is new, they add it to their own KWL chart, if not they just discuss how they will find the answer to their question (without the help of the teacher!).

4. Class comes back to campfire space and discusses their list of ‘Wonder’ questions and how they might work in teams (with the help of their poetry expert Mrs Hewes) to answer their questions. This list is typed up and put on the Year 9 Project Space on the classroom wall – this is the basis of their project ‘investigation’ phase.

5. In their project teams students share their protest songs and add them to a piece of A3 paper or type into edmodo using smart phone edmodo app. Groups then present their lists to the class and work together to compile a class list of songs.

6. (if time, probably not) Watch a protest song selected by me (Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’) and discuss similarities and differences to performance poetry.

7. Close lesson with homework: learning reflection: What skills/content did I master in English today? Post to edmodo group.

THE END!!! (Not really cos now I’ve got to plan two lessons for Year 8 and one for Year 10 and it’s not 11.25pm!)

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