The first leg home: Esperance to Streaky Bay

There isn’t much to tell about these two days of no 3G, no toilets, no showers and no sun. OK, OK … we had toilets – but not always.
Checking the weather forecast and finding rows of raining clouds and numbers below 20, we started getting the feeling that we’d over-stayed our welcome in WA. Add to the bad weather a kombi beginning to smell more and more like a Year 7 kid’s -back-pack (in term 4) and a couple of homesick junior gamers, we figured it was time to begin the homeward bound stretch of our adventure.
We hightailed out of Esperance early in the hope of making Mundrabilla Roadhouse. We’d enjoyed our night there on New Years Eve plus they owed us 10 bucks for our key bond, lol. To understand the scale of that drive you really need to google a map of it … or maybe I put one up last time? I can’t remember. I measure its length in the number of times our boys asked ‘How long now?’ and that was HEAPS of times. They have begun to tire of the same food (did I mention we’re eating cereal with boxed milk for breakfast and tuna with tinned vegetables for lunch and dinner everyday on this trip?) and the long unbroken drives over repetitive terrain.
We didn’t pull into Mundrabilla Roadhouse until we had watched the sun set the sky ablaze with apricot, pink, purple and blue pastel streaks that would shame Dali. Truly, if you’re inspired to do the Nullabor trip, I recommend taking the risk of roos and driving at sunset. To the West the sinking gold sun paints the sky with surreal swirls of apricot and pink. To the East the full mother of pearl moon peers out behind thin grey clouds. This half of the sky is all baby blues and purples swimming together. If I was a poet I’d be able to make you see it … I don’t think our photos do it justice. It was worth the terror of nearly hitting a kangaroo and veering onto the wrong side of the road. I’m sure the kangaroo wouldn’t agree, lol.
Honestly, the people at Mundrabilla are awesome – so friendly and accommodating. I love that the barman is Scottish … I wish I’d asked why he was there, but know I much prefer to romanticize his presence: he was roaming the world as a solitary figure, escaping the injustice of society and nursing a broken heart. Or maybe he was on the run from the law? Yup – imagination is way better than reality.
Another huge day followed. Somehow we managed to drive a zillion, billion kilometers to find ourselves in Streaky Bay, South Australia. We did stop off at Ceduna to let our puppies run free on the beach and into the sea. We considered spending the night there, but paying $46 for a piece of dirt – oh, sorry, I mean an unpowered site – just seemed ridiculous. And that’s why we drove on into the dark to Streaky Bay … and parked up behind some bushes (sneaky-like) in a sporting oval for the night. Haha – free camping!
And today … well, we think we’ll get to Robe. We’ll see …





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