Bringing my school into the 21st century: iPads. Can you help?

So this year I have hidden in my classroom. Completely immersed myself in my own teaching and learning. Focusing on my classes and experimenting with my teaching style. It’s now time to move from my room and (re)commit to my leadership role within my school. There is much to do and I am eager to make meaningful and lasting changes within my school. I am ready to fight for what I think is right … what I know our students need. But I need the help of my teacher-geek friends. Yup. That’s you.

On Friday the Head Teacher of Mathematics asked me if I had an iPad. I don’t. He told me he had bought one for his faculty. He said that he was inspired to by a conversation we once had about the library and the need to refashion it to meet the needs of today’s learners. I must have mentioned iPads in the conversation. Anyway, he asked if I knew how he could use it. I don’t have one. I don’t know how you would use it. (OK, I do a little bit … I’ve read stuff, been to presentations about them … I have used iPhones and iPods in the classroom. I’m guessing they’re the same, just bigger. Right?) I told him I wasn’t an expert in them, but I could get him a bunch of resources on how others are using them in Maths. In Maths? I must be mad! I don’t know that many Maths teachers … do I? Please PLN, help me out … if you have come across great resources on using iPads in the classroom (not just the Maths classroom) please post a link to it below. I don’t want to do a random google search and find stuff, anyone can do this. What I want is a bunch of resources that have been curated by experts – you guys, the teachers who are making a difference for students all around the world! I will add all of these suggestions to an edmodo folder and make it public, then I’ll post it below.

Please, please, please … it’ll help us all out, right? 😉


28 thoughts on “Bringing my school into the 21st century: iPads. Can you help?


    World’s first iPod touch in education (and now iPad and iPhone) event organisation. Grat network of 800+ people.

  2. Whilst I don’t have an iPad, as I come across a good, free, iPad/iPhone app, I’m adding them here: I welcome other maths teachers to help build this list.

    Also, given the iPad doesn’t support Flash site, which many interactive maths sites are built on, I’m starting to make interactives that don’t require Flash (whilst aimed at DER, could be used with an iPad): and

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I will share this tomorrow with our HT Maths – he will be delighted! I hope you add any of the above links that are helpful for you to your list as well 🙂

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