Underground edmodo groups – seeking out the cool stuff

I love stuff that is DIY, organic and underground. Sounds as though I like potatoes that have been grown by a child without fertiliser, doesn’t it? Well I think you know what I mean. At least I hope you do!

I’ve been using edmodo since 2009 and was there to watch the birth of the very first official ‘communities’ – you can see them here. As with pretty much all edmodo features, these communities were created because of user-requests. Before the official communities we keen educators created edmodo class groups for professional development – so we could connect and share resources, ideas and experiences. The cool thing is that despite the booming communities (the Language Arts community has well over 4000 members and it’s growing every day!) there are still smaller guerrilla-style groups being created by educators for a variety of purposes. I love this about edmodo – it really supports the Do-It-Yourself principals that I thrive on.

So whilst I use edmodo every day for my classes, I also use it extensively for professional development and connecting with educators from all over the world. Right now I have well over 100 groups that either I have created or I am a member of. Tomorrow I am presenting at the ASLA Conference on ‘Building your PLN’. I will be showing twitter, blogs and of course edmodo – to present I will use a purpose-built edmodo group full of activities and folders of take-away goodies for the attendees. I also wanted to give these teacher-librarians a chance to join some of the wonderfully varied underground edmodo groups created by keen educators.

Below is a name and brief description (if I have one) of a number of underground edmodo groups. If you are interested in joining one, click on the name of the creator and request a connection on edmodo. You can then send them a DM and ask for the group code to access the group. I can’t promise all are open and active still, but I know many of them are. Good luck!!

  1. Teacher Librarian Edmodo group  – Cassandra McGin
  2. Dedicated to Global (connecting students from around the world – a bit like penpals) Christine Lindsay
  3. Oz edmodo (created to connect Australia educators but now so much more than that – lots of sharing for all subjects and ages)  Viviene Tuckerman
  4. Using technology to teach spelling/vocabularyAmy Compton
  5. Subject English Collaboration (created to connect Australian English/language arts teachers) – Bianca Hewes
  6. HSIE in NSW Stage 4, Stage 5 and Stage 6 (there is a group for each stage of the Australian NSW social studies syllabus) – Steve Gibb
  7. HSC English – Module C ‘History and Memory’ (created to connect Australian teachers who teach this module in NSW) – Bianca Hewes
  8. EdmodoCon (originally created for the inaugural Edmodo Conference but now lots of sharing from educators around the world)  – Lucia Giacomantonio
  9. Education Gamification (over 1000 educators discussing games in education – especially gamifying the classroom) – Hyle Daley
  10. Pen Pal Group (connecting young people around the world as pen pals)- Billy Spicer 
  11. American Sign Language –  Brandy Cabe
  12. Coast to Coast Poetry (connecting students and teachers from around the world to write poetry) – Mark Curcio
  13. Anat/biology teachers unite – Robbie Case
  14. Educator Authors  (for teachers who have dreams to be published writers) Julie Riddle
  15. Novel and Guides – his group will include links to other Edmodo Groups that will focus on specific novels. The groups will contain links to resources including quizzes, activities, links to videos, and more!  – Hyle Daley
  16. Promethean resource shareMichelle Wendt 
  17. UOW PDHPE Students/TeachersElle Smith
  18. PLANET PALSHyle Daley
  19. Games for Change group  Betsy Whalen
  20. Early Career Teachers in the Northern Sydney Region (Australian group) – Lara Giddings
  21. Teacher ExchangesMiles MacFarlane
  22. ESL/EFL & 21st Century Learning  – Brett Gosselin
  23. Sharing Educational Apps: For teachers to trade ideas using apps, and to support iPad integration in the classroom.   – Jon Samuelson 
  24. Grammar GalleryDenise Louthain 
  25. Secondary Read 180Erich Dorzab
  26. ccGlobal – connecting students from around the world to work collaboratively on global projects – Liam Dunphy 
  27. ‘Science Aus!!’ – connecting Australian Science teachers – Ms Lauren Dubos
  28. Google Apps for Education Group – Panther Paws



23 thoughts on “Underground edmodo groups – seeking out the cool stuff

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  2. Hi Bianca,
    I use the ‘ccGlobal’ Edmodo group to connect schools for some exciting global connected projects. It is one aspect of the interesting stuff we do. Any teacher looking to connect with schools globally for some cool projects is welcome to join he fun.
    Keep up the good work, Edmodo guru,
    Cheers, Liam

  3. Cool thanks Liam – I will add it to the list 🙂
    I am keen to get my classes working on global projects – Year 9 and Year 10 – just gotta find a few hours to plan it all, lol!

  4. We also have a SMart teachers groups where wer are sharing our Smart Notebook Lessons.
    Code jr0d38
    Easiteach Next Generation
    Code: 95qsj8
    Interwrite software lessons
    Group Code: y6342w
    Mimeo Software lessons
    Group Code j5upa3
    We started these groups at the edmodocon. Please feel free to add your resources!

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  6. HI Bianca,

    Glad you are enjoying the camper! Looked like a great trip.
    I have started a Food technology group hoping to connect educators around Australia and the globe. 5 members and growing 🙂

    Would be great if you could add.
    Cheers JJ

  7. Do you (or anyone else) know if there are any groups dedicated to specific textbooks and/or other curricular materials? Just today I discovered something about the math books my school uses that I’m sure at least some other teachers using the same book don’t know about and would like to, and I thought of all the many times I have had such discoveries. Any ideas? Is there any way to search the site for these sorts of things?

  8. I’ve been using edmodo since 2011 and seriously don’t know what I’d do without it! I have a question though…my cousin’s daughter is about to begin her Student Teaching…last semester of college. I want to encourage her to join edmodo and I’m curious if anyone knows of names of groups or group codes that are for 1st year teachers or even 2nd year. I feel confident they exist, but there’s just too many groups to find this kind of information. Well, if there’s an easy way, please let me know. Thank you for your help!

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