Breaking holiday boredom: the 24 hour animation challenge!

So I’m a busy teacher on holidays but I’m also a busy teacher-mum on holidays.

My kids have pretty much dealt with my ‘busyness’ by attaching themselves to their iPods or my Macbook – either gaming or watching YouTube. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this – I know that gaming challenges them massively. I know they’re communicating with heaps of great people and they’re creating some amazing things in Minecraft.

But I do want to give them another challenge – one that forces them to make something they can share with a wider audience and that involves me and my hubby who is mostly confined to our lounge due to a badly fractured knee cap. This is going to be a family thing but it’d be sweet if others wanted to join in too!

Here it is:

I’m going to create a 24 hour animation challenge. Each participant needs to make a 2 minute animation using ONLY free apps on their iPod, iPhone, iPad or other smart mobile device within a 24 hour period. Here are the requirements:

  • These animations must not breech copyright in any way – all images need to be original taken using the mobile device.
  • All music and sound-effects must be original created using the mobile device.
  • The animations need to feature the signature item at some point – the signature item is ‘apple’.
  • Animations must be two minutes MAX
  • Participants then must upload the animation to youtube ensuring they have selected the appropriate Creative Commons licence for the video.
  • The 24 hour time period for creating begins at 9.30am Sunday, 2nd October.
  • The link then needs to be sent to me, the organiser, via email, tweet, text message, fb message by 9.30am on Monday, 3rd October.
  • The video with the most hits after a 7 day period is deemed the winner.


  • If you wanna enter yourself or your kids then add a comment with your name and who will be participating below.
  • Please, please add a comment telling us what your fav apps are for creating animations etc on a mobile device. We really need your help!

This is going to be fun.

** disclaimer: This totally isn’t an official competition with all legal protection and that jazz so don’t get all mental and stupid about it. It’s for fun, yeah?


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