What am I doing?

It’s holidays and I have too much to do.

So I sit looking through the thousands of 140 character messages blipping up my screen on twitter.

And I get scared.

I click on some links.

I read some words and start thinking … holy shit I have no idea what I am doing.

Right now I’m having a mini melt-down about the way I ‘do’ project based learning.

Problem? I definitely am NOT doing it right. It’s not bad or anything, but it’s not PBL.

Problem x2? I’m trying to pretend I’m a researcher on this thing called ‘PBL’. Crap.

Reading? This …. Twenty Ideas for Engaging Projects by Suzie Boss and this wiki page on writing by Dean Groom – his insanely brilliant writing activities make me feel like a fraud.

*skulks away*


2 thoughts on “What am I doing?

  1. Take two steps backwards and three steps forward! You are NO fraud! Look in the mirror and reflect upon the things that you have accomplished… even just what you have accomplished THIS YEAR! You are BIANA HEWES and you are a GREAT PBL teacher! fullstop! 🙂

  2. Twitter can be an enormous distraction, but I’ve got a system. I open the intersting links in separate tabs and look at them later, so I don’t wander off whatever it is that I’m doing while those tweets come in.

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