PBL: Trying to create the product for the presentation

Thanks to the wonderful and patient Mr Ben Jones, I have almost conquered a beast of a task. Really, a task that should be given to my students. And maybe tomorrow I will.

The concluding product for my class’s last project was an anthology of stories dealing with the issue ‘resilience’. This anthology is to be converted into an eBook that is to be accessed by a QR Code. The QR Codes will be turned into Postcards (or something similar) and stickers. The dream is to have these out in the wider community for young people to ‘stumble’ upon and then through the power of technology, read the stories of resilience which will empower them to see the world in a more positive ‘life is OK’ kinda way. Well …that’s the dream.

I have been given steps from Ben Jones to achieve this goal. Problem is that I am (like I told Ben) a ‘front end of web brain’ which means I can basically click buttons and upload and download stuff. I do the best I can, but any task that requires too much thinking about file extensions et al makes me kinda nauseous.

So here’s what I’ve done so far in an attempt to get my students’ stories from a word doc to an .epub file that will open onto a mobile phone from a QR Code.

I uploaded the .docx a free word to .epub converter. I used both of these suggested by Ben:



Both worked well enough – the file converted fine. The problem was that my mac couldn’t read the file type and therefore would not allow me to save it anywhere once it was downloaded – annoying. I did find that using http://www.epubconverter.org/ did ultimately allow me to save to my desktop as you get the option to right click and ‘save as’.

The next step of course – once the collection of stories saved as a word .docx is converted to the .epub format – is to give it a unique URL that can be transformed into a QR code. I headed over to my blog (this one) which is a wordpress.com blog. I created a new post, clicked on ‘add media’ and ‘select files’ only to discover that it would not allow me to upload .epub files. Damn! So close!

I then went over to weebly.com to try my luck with uploading an .epub file to a webpage. Success! Only problem now is that I can’t work out how that .epub file has a unique url that can be turned into a QR code.

I guess that’s my next challenge. Actually … I think I’m going to try a wiki.

Wish me luck.

And yes, I know all of this learning should be coming from my students – next time they are in charge of sharing the final product. I am a bit of a control freak. Gotta let that go in this 21st century education thingy.


OK, so after much heartbreak and excitement and further heartbreak this is what I ended up doing.

WordPress.com and weebly.com weren’t doing it for me so I headed to the trusty wikispaces.com.

1. I created a new wiki (which isn’t essential – you can use an existing one) and created a new page.

2. I uploaded my .epub file to the page and clicked ‘save’.

3. Then I right clicked the .epub file and clicked ‘copy link location’.

4. I then headed to bitly and shortened the link.

5. I selected the option ‘info page+’.

6. I then clicked on the url underneath the image of the QR code.

Unfortunately the iPhone wouldn’t read the .epub file afterall of my heartache trying to use that format.

Another great twitter mate Warrick Mole told me that you need to upload the .epub files to a book store or similar before the phone can read them. SO what I had to do was save the stories as a PDF because iPhones can read them.

Basically I just went back and did the same steps as before but uploaded a PDF instead of an .epud file.

Guess what? IT WORKED!!

Here is the QR code for my Macbeth assessment: http://bit.ly/oKyv7j.qrcode

HAPPY TEACHER!! Kids are going to be stoked … oh … haven’t done the stories yet or planned my lesson for tomorrow. Oops!


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