Learning on a rainy Sunday afternoon …

My last post was a bit of a headache … not the content, the construction. The kinda cool thing though is that I learnt how to do something new. Cool for me cos I like to learn.

If you want to show people a document (like a Word doc or PDF) you’re best to embed it into your post. I have seen this done in other posts and really liked the effect – no need to download the file, just scroll and read. Neat. It’s the same with slides from a PPT – these can really support the ideas of a post, especially if you’re sharing a presentation you’ve done (no duh! haha).

So here’s my little tutorial on how to embed word docs and PPT presentations into a blog post when using a free wordpress.com site.


The first thing to do is decide on your tools. I asked twitter which to use and whilst most said ‘scribd’ one said ’embedit.in’ because scribd might charge you to access your files later. Cos I’m a DIY kid I went for ’embedit.in’ (http://embedit.in which does look very cool and I will use it for edmodo embeds in the future!) but after a bit of annoying trial and error, I opted fro scribd which I found very user friendly.

1. Go and sign up at http://www.scribd.com/ and follow the prompts to upload your first doc (this is pretty straight-forward so I won’t go into specifics). Once it is uploaded, you need to find where it says ’embed’ – you’ll have to scroll down a bit and look to your right-side.

2. Click ’embed’ and you’ll get a pop-out window like the one below.

3. Select ‘wordpress.com format’ and then copy the code you are given.

4. Go back to your blog post and click ‘HTML’ – you’ll notice that your font changes a little. Now go to the spot in your post where you want to see your document appear. Paste the code.

5. Now you’re ready to hit ‘publish’ and you’ll see your document beautifully embedded into your blog post.


I wanted to share the PPT slides I’d uploaded to SlideShare as part of my blog post but struggled to embed it into my post. Why? Because common-sense says to click on ’embed’ right after you upload the PPT and just grab the same code that I use to embed in edmodo. Wrong! Because WP is different (somehow, don’t ask me how though!) in its code and stuff, you’ve got to make sure you use the correct code for wordpress.com blogs. Thanks to twitter, specifically @alivicwil I worked out how to do this.

1. You need to sign-up to use slideshare. Do that here:ย https://www.slideshare.net/signup

2. As with scribd, just follow the prompts to upload your PowerPoint. (pretty much as simple as clicking on the word ‘upload’). You’ll need to give a bit of a description to your PPT etc but that’s easy enough to do.

3. Once you’re PPT is uploaded and looks beautiful, you need to follow the instructions outlined in this post: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/slideshare/ To help get a visual of this, I’ve taken a couple of screen shots.

Click on ’embed’ as shown at the top of this screen-shot:

Click on ‘customise’ as shown in this screen-shot:

You will see a sub-headingย  ‘Shortcode for WordPress.com blogs’ – click ‘copy’ next to the code under this sub-heading.

4. Go back to your blog post and click ‘HTML’ – you’ll notice that your font changes a little. Now go to the spot in your post where you want to see your slides appear. Paste the code.

5. Click ‘publish’ and you’re done!

Please let me know if this helps you to successfully embed your docs and presentations into your wordpress.com blog posts!


If you would like to embed a prezi into your wordpress.com blog post, then follow the instructions on comment #3 here cos they really work:



15 thoughts on “Learning on a rainy Sunday afternoon …

  1. Hey great post! I’ve struggled to embed Scribd in my class blog, and now I know how!

    Here’s a new challenge for you… Any ideas how to embed a Prezi.com in wordpress.com? I’m stumpt!!



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  4. Thanks for your post Bianca! Have struggled with Prezi in the past, resorting to the good ol’ screen grab and hyperlink. Much appreciate you sharing your tips ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. Bianca – Sorry to find you in this weird way, I can’t find your name in Outlook somehow!!! I went to the ETA conference on Saturday only and would love to have any handouts from your workshop about project based learning in English????

    I have written a free resource at http://otherworlds.yolasite.com which is for Stage 4 English teachers. Essentially, you go there to go to the PDFs section and download 5 PDFs with live hyperlinks to Web 2.0 tools for education.

    In addition, if you click on BLOG – you will go through to a blog, then click on COMMENTS down the bottom, to see samples of student work made while doing these lessons…

    The Other worlds resource is on MYPL@DET as a one day hands-on workshop, so I am attaching my workshop flyers as well…

    There are also some useful fiction writing resources which I wrote for Stage 4 at http://www.schools.nsw.edu.au/raps/twist/teachingideas.htm – your staff may like the FICTION EXTRACTS which showcase Australian authors building characterisation, suspense etc + STUDENT WRITING SAMPLES which show what kids wrote after discussing analysing some of the fiction as a class. Fiction with a twist is also a MYPL@DET workshop…

    Lizzie xx

  8. Thanks, great helpful post Bianca ๐Ÿ™‚ I just used this post to successfully use SlideShare to embed a powerpoint in my blog…Hollie:)

  9. I’ve been messing around with this all afternoon … for whatever reason it is not as simple for me as this …and I’ve searched through wp forums and scribd help … when I paste the wordpress embed code into my blog … all I get is the code, nothing else. I’ve embeded the same docs into iframes at Shortstack with no problem.

    I’ve tried using shortcode, I’ve checked my settings to make sure auto embed is turned on… nothing seems to work.

    I’m using 3.2 on a .com wp site… any suggestions?


    (Otherwise…your step by step was fantastic!)

    • He Jenn ๐Ÿ™‚

      I wonder what’s going wrong? Did you put the short code into the HTML part? That is an important step.

      I don’t think I had to check the auto-embed thing – I don’t even know how to do that ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      Maybe write a walk-through of what you’re doing and i could see what might be happening?

  10. It has got to be simple user error … it MUST be or I’d be finding more info ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve copied the Scribd embed code for wordpress and then pasted it on its own into the post on the HTML tab, hit publish. What I get is the embed code as a hyperlink.

    I tried [embed]the https to scribd doc[/embed] on the HTML tab, hit publish and I get the same…. I’m fairly lame at HTML so perhaps I missed something else there?

    The auto-embed SHOULD be on as default but I’m working on a site for a client and their designer has messed w their wordpress and has little experience with it so I wanted to double check to make sure it wasn’t turned off.


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