Edmodo – my free mobile virtual classroom.

As you all know by now, I am an edmodo evangelist and proud of it. As part of my preaching, I often come across people asking me how I use edmodo and why. Below is a response to one such series of questions. I hope it helps you to see why I find edmodo such an important element of my 21st century teaching toolbox. If you already use edmodo, perhaps some of my ideas for using edmodo might inspire you to use it in a new way, or maybe you have some even more creative ways of using it that you’d like to suggest.

How do I use edmodo with my students?

1. My students use edmodo to:

  • communicate with me and with each other via messages directly to me or to our class group (there is no direct student-student messaging in edmodo to avoid cyber-bullying etc)
  • post up work – many web 2.0 tools embed easily into edmodo
  • respond to polls
  • access assignments and submit them for marking (I return them and edmodo creates an automatic gradebook for my class)
  • work together on group tasks (there is a small group feature – a group w/in a group),
  • give feedback on each other’s work
  • comment on resources that I add (links to sites, embeds, youtube clips, google docs)
  • argue for or against a provocative statement I have posted about a topic/text being discussed
  • connect with students in other schools/countries in a group created by teachers
  • keep up to date with important events using the calendar and alerts.

2. I use edmodo to:

  • keep up to date with my favourite blogs and websites by using edmodo as my rss reader (it’s heaps easier than google reader)
  • to share links with teachers at different schools not on edmodo (they have a ‘public page’ feature)
  • I have a number of teacher PD groups that connect me to teachers in my faculty, my school, my region, I’m a member of the Language Arts community that helps me connect with teachers from around the world!
  • and of course I do all of the things mentioned above for my students too!

How hard is edmodo to use?

I know I’ve made it sound like there are too many features to get your head around – but as I have said many times, it is so intuitive – basic! Besides, edmodo has a teacher page that shows you how to do everything: http://help.edmodo.com/userguide/ AND their FAQ page is good too: http://help.edmodo.com/frequently-asked-questions/ AND they now run weekly webinars that we can join for free! http://help.edmodo.com/

Edmodo is awesome because it is my free mobile virtual classroom.

The End

I've loved edmodo for almost 2 years and all I got was this T-shirt #lol

15 thoughts on “Edmodo – my free mobile virtual classroom.

  1. Thank you for this post-it reinforces things I am doing and things I aspire to do.
    Using Edmodo as an RSS reader is intriguing me, I only started using google reader in Term 4 and still mastering that ! 🙂

    • I gave up on google reade because it became just one more thing to check – using edmodo is great as it’s all in one place – yay! Just create a group for yourself called ‘My Group’ or ‘My RSS Reader’, then go to the website you want to RSS – get the feed address, go back to edmodo, hover your mouse over the name of your group (‘My RSS Reader’ or whatever you name it) and you’ll see ‘feeds’ – click on that. You’ll see ‘add a feed’ next to group name, click on that then copy the RSS feed url into the dialogue box that appears and then click ‘subscribe’. You’ll get a message in your edmodo stream everytime something new is posted on the site that you subscribed to! Cool, huh?!

    • haha!! the post takes AGES – but I’ve got a spare one if you wanna email me your address? We can be edmodo-geeks together! I wore it to school first day back and joked that I was sponsored – some teachers believed me and said I’d sold out. Ha! To a free web tool … lol!

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  4. Have you heard of http://Enterthegroup.com? This is a site which has some overlap with Edmodo, but has unique components which enable students to manage group projects online. It’s designed for both teachers and students, but is empowering for students because it provides them with a structure to manage projects.

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