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This is just a random listing of things I have done to share what I do in my classroom and my ideas about where I think education should head … a lot of blah, blah. I’ve linked to shared resources and presentation materials wherever possible. Mostly this is my online record cos I don’t have a CV.


Staff Development Day – Sydney Church of England School, Shore. (“Introduction to PBL”)

TMSydney World Record teachmeet. (7 minute PK on PBL, 2 minute welcome preso)

DET SWSR: Inspire Innovate Conference, Homebush (“PBL + Edmodo = Awesome”)

Appeared in SMH Article ‘Book loses humble shelf-life


ASLA conference, September – St Ignatius College, Riverview. (“Building your Professional Learning Network (PLN)”)
ETA conference, August – Australian Technology Park, Redfern. (“PBL in the English classroom”)
DER Leadership conference (presentation of Action Research)
English Teacher PD – Coffs Harbour HS. (PBL, Digi-narratives and Edmodo)
Edmodo featured blogger leading up to ISTE 2011


NSW DET Office of School’s Conference – Engaging Learners Through Innovative Practice
Northern Sydney Region Think Tank
Northern Sydney Region DER: Innovative teachers
NSW Secondary Principals Conference (“Creating 12 word digi-narratives”. Presented with students)
Macquarie University Teaching with Technology Annual Conference (“DER at Davo”. Presented with students)


ETA Conference presentation, University of NSW (George Orwell’s Essays)


ETA conference presentation – Edmodo and Literature with Darcy Moore and Troy Martin

Extra stuff:

- author and co-author of three Excel study guides
- awarded a $10, 000 DET grant (for teacher relief) to implement an action research project at my school. Focus is PBL + DER with the focus question: ‘Do teachers consider netbook-assisted Project Based Learning to be an effective pedagogical tool for promoting student engagement and improved learning outcomes? A preliminary study.’

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